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Hublot loves football

Hublot, one of Catar world cup 2022 sponsors, social media campaign mixing real image and animation.

Ushuaïa Hotel

The hotel associated with the Ushuaïa nightclub is the "Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel." This is a luxurious hotel complex located on the island of Ibiza, Spain.

Vivere un nouvo inizio

In a world of frenzy and distraction, a word of care can bring us security and peace of mind.

Yuukii Mixtape vol.1

Yuukii Music is taking the initiative to spotlight emerging artists by launching a series of mixtapes. Each mixtape is endorsed by established artists and features collaborations with numerous music industry professionals, providing a platform for emerging talent to showcase their skills and be seen by a wider audience.

The YUUKII MIXTAPE  has its own movie, consisting of 7 music videos from urban artists from the outskirts of Madrid.

Runner de acero

Strength is the key to middle-distance success. Unlock your potential and achieve your goals with our specialized training program.

Visa- Nacidos independientes

For small business owners, having a Visa can make a significant difference in day-to-day operations. It provides a secure and convenient payment method, access to credit, and helps build business credit history

Leeann Huang CSM MA 2020 collection

Her work blends traditional craft techniques with inventive materials to create fantastical clothing. An innovator in the use of lenticular textiles in fashion.

Rodher- Riego automatico para flores de plastico
The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery should be carefully considered, rather than done on a whim or indulgence. It is important to prioritize mental and physical health over superficial appearance.


Jul 2022

Mar 2022

Camino del norte
Aug 2022

El Camino did not exist; it was built and modified, but there is an attempt to keep it virgin and original, as it once was, with a concept of idealization to maintain it pure and unmanipulated.

Dec 2021

Jul 2017

El corralejo
Feb 2022

Tel aviv
Jul 2022

The Holy Land, is also a land of ongoing conflict and violence. At the same time, Israel's technological prowess has made it a global leader in fields like cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and renewable energy. These contradictions make Israel and Palestine a fascinating and complex region to explore.

Cabo de gata
Aug 2018

Feb 2022

Nov 2020

Mar 2023

The term "choricera" refers to an ancient profession that developed in the city of Segovia and consisted of the production of chorizo and other cured meats. For centuries, the city was famous for the quality of its meat products, particularly its chorizos, which were traditionally made by hand using traditional techniques.

May 2019

EL COAM, Madrid
Jan 2023

Nov 2019

Manhattan of the Mediterranean. With over 70 skyscrapers, the city has one of the highest concentrations of tall buildings in Europe. While they provide stunning views of the coastline, the tall structures also take up a significant amount of vertical space, giving the city a unique urban landscape.