Ushuaïa Hotel X Cocacola

Photo-Video & Edit

Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel is the hotel that has forever changed Ibiza. With spectacular design, VIP services, and world-famous events. It's the hotel you never expected. I was hired by Tango agency to take 30 photographs of the new hotel facilities, and later incorporate them into the campaign's spot in a cinematic and dynamic manner.

Video Campaing

After the renovations in 2023, they wanted to integrate the new spaces through images that would connect with the video campaign and also have enough dynamism to seamlessly incorporate them. For that, we shot at different times of the day, on film, using bursts to achieve the sensation of moving images and to capture the feeling of different textures.


Photo campaing

We photographed the most recognizable and iconic spaces of the hotel, such as its famous facade, the Oyster & Caviar, The Beach area, rooms and the most exclusive spots by the pool.


Client: Ushuaïa
Campaign: Ushuaïa Hotel 2023
Agency: Tango
Edit & Photo: Beñat Belaza
Photo assistant: Andres Paduano
Producer: Patricia Moran
AP: Miriam Sevilla
Sound: Reptil studio